Meager Beginnings – Point A to Point B, and the Journey in Between

Looking back over the last 13 years I wouldn’t have imagined being where I am now. I started off my career post graduation from University of North Texas, summer of 1998 thinking, what will I do with my life? I got a Bachelor’s of Science in Rehabilitation, and one credit shy of a double major in that and Psychology; my disdain for quantitative analysis was far greater than my desire for a double major, and I still don’t regret not taking it. I thought I would go on to get my Master’s in Physical Therapy, but after doing an internship I knew, that was not the place for me. I grew up with a mother in Human Resources, and I vividly recall saying to her, ” I will NEVER be in Human Resources…you work TOO much”. Here I am now, a Director of Talent Acquisition for a nearly billion dollar company, 3,600 associates, running operations for a recruiting team as large as twenty, nearly a year in strategy, and I am forever grateful for my journey.

Over the years I’ve encountered college students and experienced professionals alike who either quasi know where they want to be, absolutely have no clue and are waiting for a guiding light, or they know their path and will stop at nothing to get what they want. I started off as the one that had no clue, competitive by DNA, but alas, no idea as to my professional pursuits. I say nearly every day that everything happens for a reason. It does, and I am certain. I started off as an Internet Sourcer at a ten person recruiting agency. It folded down to three people after six months and closed down shop, but hey, I’m happy for the meager beginnings. From there I went off to a four office recruiting agency, three of which were in Dallas, one in California, and I got a solid foundation in recruiting. I wasn’t allowed to be on my computer in any way shape or form from 8:30AM to 4:00PM, so ingenuity and proper planning for a targeted call list was a necessity. Can you imagine not being online for that long today? I catapulted to a corporate career after three and a half years on the agency side, and two gigs later I landed at Epsilon. I’ve been there nearly 7 years, exactly where I’m supposed to be, and seemingly as if it were in the bigger picture.

My intent for the origination of this blog isn’t to edify my choices in life, but to possibly help others, you, in your pursuit for a greater good. Whether it be a stepping stone to the next place where you’re meant to be, to bring and exchange new ideas to the leering brick walls we encounter in our day to day, or to show others in this ever shrinking yet complex and dynamic world that they too, can make a difference.

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